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3T MRI's are preferred for cushings patients

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I was doing some research this afternoon and saw this article that I wanted to share with everyone.


The abstract states that people with cushings who did not have a pit tumor show up on a 1.5 T MRI, should have an MRI on a 3T machine as it's likely to show a tumor.


Basically the difference between these types of MRI machines is how "thin" the slices of the pictures are. Honestly I think the reason most reserach states that pit tumors only show up on MRI's like 40% of the time is because the original 1.5T machines were designed for "organs" not "glands". :)


Might as well start out with a 3T MRI cause the price is the same. :)


3T MRI's for cushings patients

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Dr. F recommends the Tesla 3, right? I think it's same thing. It's "faster" so it gives better detail or something. My first one on an old timey machine showed the pit tumor very foggy but no Rathke's Cleft. That showed up in the 2nd.

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Hi Gina - you're absolutely right 3T's the best.


But, :rolleyes: , for those who aren't near a 3T or, who is like me - can't breathe while on their back - my tumour showed on a .6T. It isn't the best but, it's doable if no other option's available. You may need to speak with the head tech & explain what/where/how neurosurgeons look for/see these buggers!


It took a bit of a fight but, they did it correctly & voila!


Never give up!

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