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All sorts of interesting info at this year's Endocrine Society Meeting!

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All sorts of VERY interesting info is coming out of this year's Endocrine Society's 2010 Meeting,




There's iteresting articles on guidelines for pituitary incidentalomas, Vitamin D, BPA, thyroid malfunction, Growth Hormone therapy, Endocrine Disruptors and PCOS, glucagon stimulating tests, etc, etc. More info than last year! Spend some time reading!



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One thing I want to know is if they finally learned to stop squabbling within themselves and actually start treating patients? Was that on the agenda? Because if it wasn't, it should have been...

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Got it! WHew.


Can you imagine staying at the hotel with all the endos for the conference? Oy! I'd wear a bright "do my adrenals make me look fat?" shirt.


This article caught my eye: "Progesterone effective for hot flushes, night sweats up to 10 years after final menstruation" the women were given 300mg of Prometrium. That does knocks me out at night but makes me very depressed during the day. I wonder how much progesterone breaks down into estrogen.

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