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Ever wonder WHY Keto works


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I've got acv ..when I take it ..it makes my reflux even worse

-ve not taken it oftern enough to see any real

Results to get rid of fungi.


Peaches - so is this why I feel better on

Totally yeast free diet?


The trouble is its so restrictive and even

With a homeopath and taking special supplemsnts

For 8 months it won't go...


Do you think I could screw test results by doing such

A strict candidas diet?


I just eat egg, lean meat and fish, veggies (

No corn, carrott or potatoes), olive oil,

Some salad, tiny amount of skim milk...


Is the fungi mainly a cushy problem?


Its weird normally if I have coffee or anything high

In caffine or sugar..I feel very wired

Anxious etc..


But at the moment..I'm bleeding very heavy

2nd period in two weeks. Coffee isn't affecting

Me..a little boost but still so tiered..


This is what I mean about fluctuating



Sorry going off topic there...:)

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