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ya gotta be kidding!!!!!! WOW, double WOW!

it's a real pain to take those pills once a week, the worse part is trying to open the dang package.  the pharmacy is quite proud of those pills, wonder what the shot costs.

thanks for sharing, plan to check this out!

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When Don's prescription runs out we're going to inquire into it.  Better once a year than remembering every week and then having to sit up, etc. for 30 minutes.  Especially with his strange schedule.




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Guest Pattie
:P I'm going t6o ask my doc. I've just been rx for Vioxx as an anti-inflammatory for osteo-arthritis ???? I think that the Prednisone is wicked. My bone density testing showed signs of osteoporosis setting in. Thanks for the news.
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Guest bullterrier

One tidbit to pass on. Not on the Fosamax info sheet.

My endo advised me not to have calcium until later in the day on the day that I took Fosamax. Told me it could interfere with the Fosamax absorption.


Not sure how much validity there is to that, but I have been following that advice since Jun 02 now. Good excuse to make Sunday my bacon and egg day. I have oatmeal or oatbran cooked in milk 6 mornings a week.


Did a F/U bone density in Nov 03 after being on Fosamax for one yr.

I have done one yearly for the past 4 yrs. This year for the first time I have shown an improvement rather than a decrease in bone density. ?:P

Seems the Fosamax is working.

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Guest terry jackon1

A yearly shot.  I'm for it.  My PCP told me after looking at my bone density test results that after a few years, next year, I should be healed.  Boy, it's a great drug.


Thank God there's something we can do for our menopause problems..... hehe.gif  hehe.gif  hehe.gif

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