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Interview with Sue, Adrenal Patient, July 27 at 5:00PM eastern

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From Sue's bio:

Hello again.


I haven't visited this site for a long time. Two years ago a beautiful girl from the west coast of Florida found me on here. I thank God for her .Although we have never met, she is like a sister to me. We laugh and cry together every day. I plan on visiting her this month. I have had Cushings for approximatly fifteen years. I diagnosed myself with the help of a nurse friend of mine and a book. I think my predominant emotion is anger. I know it is a rare disease, but good grief even some of the endos I have seen must have fallen alseep in class that day!! I've been through "you have the fat gene" to E.R. physicians thinking I am a pain pill addict. I watch my wieght...go up!! lol and I am in pain evry day. I have severe osteoporosis, frequent PID, walking pnuemonia,chronic bronchitis,mercer staff, hair growth, you name it.


Irritabvle bowek syndrome and my vision had deteriorated rapidly. I am 47 years this July and the psychological effects of Cushings have been the worst. You can put a bandade on woulnds that won't heal, but there isn't a pill that can take away all the depression and anxiety or mood swings. There isn't enough Red Bull to not fall asleep after being up over 72 hours and finally there isn't a doctor I really trust anymore.


I am headed to the National Instsitute of Health this month to undergo tests. I will be thier guinea pig for a week. I just had my hearing for Sociual Security Disability and that was hell. Life in America is so much easier when you have insurance. I hope that the NIH will recommend the surgery I need to get well again. I have a left adrenal tumor that is growing.


I am a Pastor and I pray every day and night to be healed. So far no luck!! lol Jesus will guide my surgeons hand..won't he?


Sue will be interviewed in the Cushings Help Radio Show on July 27 at 5:00 PM eastern.


The Call-In number for questions or comments is (646) 200-0162.

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Can't wait to hear this interview! I don't listen live but once they have downloaded them to iTunes I get them and have really enjoyed and learned a lot! In fact that reminds me I have one I downloaded I haven't listened to yet so I think I will do that tonight! Glad you do these interviews..I keep telling myself to get over my shyness and do one myself,lol

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