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fear of adrenal fatigue

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Well everyone I am here again. I had a bla in january. I have had problems with adrenal insuffeciency since. My last episode at the er was not very pleasant. They exactually requested that I see a counsoler for pain management and did not resolve my problem with adrenal insufficency. Over the last three days I have been very tired, have pain all over, and feeling dizzy, not hungry, and nauseous. I have also lost 7 ponds in three days. I am scared to go to the er because I dont think they will help and my endo is two hors away. What do I do here. Please help!

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You need to go to the ER. You are putting your life at risk. There is no one on this board who can help you in an emergency situation.


Thanks Pat I did my injection and am waiting for my husband he should be here in an hour and I will be going to the er

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I hope you are on your way to the ER hon. When you get back, what dose of hydro are you on? Are you on a generic form of cortef? I don't know anyone who does well on the US made generics. I have been in your shoes and it is very scary. Love and hugs!



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