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Interview with Andrea (Drea0731), October 19, 6:00PM


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Andrea has had successful pituitary surgery after years of Cushing's symptoms. Her entire pituitary gland was removed.

Her entire bio is at http://www.cushie.in...:bios&Itemid=68


"I first noticed something abnormal about my health in the summer of 2009, at age 23. I suddenly developed severe acne when I had had clear skin since I was a teenager, and I noticed more hair on my face and body than I was used to. In retrospect I realize that I'd also had bouts of weight gain, a buffalo hump and excessive sweating during my adolescent years, but I didn't think anything of it at the time...

...My new endocrinologist in New York ordered more tests (you all know the drill). Over the next six months or so the 24 hour UFCs kept coming back high, salivary cortisols were normal or high, and one dexamethasone suppression test was kind of ambiguous. The doctor said that my urine volume was really high and might be screwing up the results, so I retested after limiting my fluid intake. That UFC came back normal, so I was instructed to follow up in six months...

...August 23rd, 2011 was the day of my rebirth. I can attribute my euphoria in the week after the surgery to the strong pain meds I was on for the CSF drain, but by the time they were out of my system I was astounded to find that my mood and thinking were absolutely 100% normal. I can once again think, laugh, smile, sleep, taste, and enjoy the company of others. Within three weeks I had enough mental energy to resume working from home."

Interview with Andrea (Drea0731), October 19, 6:00PM

Listen live at http://www.blogtalkr...y-success-story The Call-in number with questions or comments is (646) 200-0162

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