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Dr. Friedman asked MaryO and I to announce this:


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Cushings-Help.com Announces The Availability Of An Investigational Drug ForSevere Cushings's Syndrome On a Compassionate Use Basis


November, 2011

We would like to make patients aware that mifepristone, aninvestigational drug that blocks the action of cortisol and is being developedby Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated, is now available on a compassionate usebasis for eligible patients in the United States with Cushing’s syndrome whohave no other treatment options.


Under this compassionate use program, the FDA allowsseriously ill patients who lack satisfactory alternative treatment options touse an investigational new drug that is still under development. Corcept has completed a Phase III trialinvestigating the safety and efficacy of mifepristone in patients withendogenous Cushing’s syndrome. Theinformation from that study has been submitted to the FDA for review of safetyand efficacy.. For information on thetrial results see http://www.corcept.com/cushings_clinical_trials. The company has submitted a New DrugApplication (NDA) seeking approval for this drug.


Patients interested in using mifepristone should consultwith their endocrinologist. Theirendocrinologist, in turn, should contact Corcept for information about thecompassionate use program. Please notethat Corcept will provide information solely to physicians.


Toll Free: 1-877-367-6550


Website: www.corcept.com/cushings_expanded_access


E-mail: EAP@Corcept.com


(Edited/changed at 8:54 PM EST by Dr. F's request. He sent another which changes the wording a tiny bit.)


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