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Possible Cushing's

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If you really think you have Cushings, you can ask this doctor for a referral to an endocrinologist but I don't think it would be worth your time, energy, or money to try to talk him into testing with the response you've already received. Even if you "won", chances are really good that he wouldn't order the right tests, wouldn't order enough of them, and wouldn't know how to read them either, so you'd still be where you are now or worse, he could falsely "prove" you don't have cushings making it harder for you down the road. And honestly, the same things can and do happen with endocrinologists too. Those who can afford it (me included) skip go and travel to see Dr. F, an endocrinologist and cushing's expert, in L.A. www.goodhormonehealth.com It can be reimbursed depending on your insurance, you don't need a referral to see him (for his sake, you'd have to ask your insurance if they require it), but most people have to travel and you have to pay up-front for the appointment because they don't bill insurance.


Feel free to join the forums and ask more questions. I hope you get the help and answers you're looking for!

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Totally agree. Best to see Dr. F. in California. He will order many tests to get to the root of your problem.


Many endos order a few tests. If you are in low the results will look good. So the enodo will say no you do not have Cushing's.


If the endos would run more tests they would most likely see that in fact there is a good possiblity that you have Cushing's.


It is a slow go, getting all the tests done however it is well worth the trip to see Dr. F.

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It is really important to trust your gut. Yes, Cushing's is rare, but it isn't as rare as doctors seem to think it is. If you feel something is wrong, stand your ground. It is important to find a doctor you can work with whether that is an Endocrinologist or a PCP or even someone else. But if you have to convince a doctor to test you that probably isn't the one you want to work with. If you think your doctor has potential try bringing them some articles and education them about Cushing's and testing. Hopefully they will be willing to help. If not ask people on here who live in your area if there are any doctors near you they would recommend, or check out the helpful doctors page. A lot of us end up at DR. F in California because he specializes in Cushing's and he really listens, but it is a big decision to make if you aren't from there. Welcome to the forum, and i hope you get some answers.

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Please post the symptoms that you have that make you think that you have Cushings. We can better direct you toward the best next moves. Also, where geographically are you located? Pehaps someone can direct you toward a good Endo closer to you that can take your symptoms seriously.


I must admit that this can be a long road, but you have come to a very good place that can offer you resources that you cannot get elsewhere. Beth

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