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Seeing Endo for Pituitary Adenoma but possible Cushings?

Guest Lex


Hi everyone


About 3 years ago, the bloodwork my obgyn did as a preparation for conceiving revealed high levels of prolactin. I was sent for an MRI, which revealed a pituitary adenoma. I was referred to an endocrinologist, and put on bromocriptine. I have gained a lot of weight (not sure how much; I don't weigh myself) and my clothes don't fit almost on a daily basis. I am extremely fatigued, but cannot sleep. I get blood work done by my endocrinologist every six months, and I explain to him my weight gain. He makes me feel stupid by saying I need to eat less and exercise more. I watch what I eat and exercise vigorously 5 days a week. I even have a personal trainer!


I am beyond frustrated, and no one will take me seriously about my rapid weight gain. It is effecting both my self-esteem and my pocketbook. I cannot afford to buy new pants every week, and I feel like a failure working out so much and eating right and STILL gaining weight.


I guess my question is, shouldn't my endocrinologist test for Cushings based on my complaints and symptoms, as well as my history with a pituitary adenoma? I wish I had a blood test report but I can't find it. I want to see what he tests for besides prolactin.


Is there anything I should demand (for lack of a better word) that he test for? Any other ideas on how I should proceed to get answers?


Thank you!!!

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Have you had a repeat MRI? I mention this because with my first tumor my prolactin levels were elevated but it was because of the tumor pressing on the gland not because the tumor was producing prolactin. Try to find a facility that will do a dynamic MRI. Gather all your records together do some research and if your current endo won't help you move on.

Good luck,


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