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Adrenal Gland Tumor

Guest Jamie


I am Jamie Ransom and I had a Pituitary tumor in 2001. I have taken medication of predisone

for about 11 years now and I was diagnosed with severe depression in 2008 or 2010. I have been

taking the predisone along with all the depression medication. Could this be what made the adrenal

gland tumor. Has anyone have a adrenal gland tumor after a pituitary tumor. My mom doesn't believe

me that I have a tumor and because of my depression I am grounded for using my car. It is really hard to get a diagnosis. I have been to the Emergency Room about 4 or 5 times now. They do not do mri or pet scans from the Emergency Room. I am at my wits end with my mom and the emergency room.

My endocrinologist ordered a mri of the pituitary. It has been about 7 weeks before I found out the pea size tumor was on my lungs and it has grown to a dime size. I don't know how big it is for the adrenal glands. The Emergency Doctors felt a lump on the abdominal areas. I have telepathic voices that say psycosis stuff when I am asleep and they say on the other end that I have 5 years at the most to live by.


I have diagnosed this by myself because I saw on this website that people have adrenal gland tumors after pituitary tumors. I also read the symptoms from some website that I don't know where I got the website from.



Thank you very much for having this website.


Jamie Ransom

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What type of pituitary tumor did you have and was it ever treated (sad to ask that, but true - a lot of times they are ignored). Do you get copies of all your testing, MRIs and reports - and did you get pathology if you had surgery? Are you being followed by a pituitary center and a neuro-endo?


Have you been tested at all for MEN? Multiple endocrine neoplasia? How is your ACTH? Lung tumors tend to throw off more ACTH if they are carcinoid and there are blood tests for carcinoid - have you had those tests. You have had the PET scan what about an octreotide?


Why are you on pred? Is that your post-op replacement? Pred can have a lot of symptoms - how much are you taking?

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