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New Drugs in Clinical Trials

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I guess this is not exactly a news flash, but this is in case people don't know this. ?There are two drug companies, Neurocrine and GlaxoSmithKline, that are conducting clinical trials on CRF antagonist drugs. ?They are currently in phase I...which I don't think is good news...I think there are 3 phases so the drugs are at least a year away from going on the market.


These drugs would help Cushing's patients immensely, they are designed to help anxiety, depression & irritable bowel syndrome. ?But I think the obvious thing is that it would relieve the adrenals of a lot of pressure.


Here's the info from the Neurocrine site (NBI34041):




And here's the info from GlaxoSmithKline (SB723620):




Neurocrine is located in San Diego and GlaxoSmithKline has offices in the UK and the US, but I'm not sure where. ?It would be really great if someone on this site could get involved in a clinical trial on these drugs.


There is also a drug only available in Europe called Tianeptine, which enhances serotonin uptake (the opposite of drugs like Prozac). ?This drug is supposed to help depression and reduce the shrinkage to the hippocampus caused by depression. ?As you know, this is a constant problem with Cushing's patients as their cortisol levels are high.

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Thanks Ali,


Thanks for the wonderful information. For those of you who use CRF antagonists...keep your eyes peeled for phase II studies.


Remember to contact your mental health professional if you have questions about CRF antangonist drugs. If you are suffering from depression related to your disease...see a professional.


Clinical depression is concerning...don't be afraid to ask for help. Heck...I was evaluated and don't have clinical depression...but golly...I'm such an interesting patient...my psychiatrist wants me to check in every 6 months...just to see how I'm doing (must think I'm a real babe! ;)  )



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