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Tumor on Pancreas

Guest Anna


My husband has a diagnosed case of Cushings after a 5 year stretch of treating symptoms. After all the tests a 4mm tumor has been located on his pancreas. His liver is clear. I have not been able to find any one else with a similar case. He goes in Monday for an endoscopy and biopsy. Anyone.....


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Hi Anna and welcome! You are in a good place for support, information and understanding. No, I've never heard of anyone's tumor being located on the pacreas---but an ectopic tumor can be located anywhere. Please continue to share your husband's story here as ectopic tumors are super-duper rare.


Have you done any reading here? Please read all you can; you know what they say, knowledge is power. Has a tumor on your hubs' pituitary been completely ruled out yet? Does his surgeon have oodles and oodles of these types of surgeries under his belt? What is the plan for replacement steroids after surgery? These are some questions I would ask your endo and surgeon.


I wish you all the best! Please keep us posted.




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Yes the pituitary has been ruled out. All the tests point to this spot on his pancreas. On the 11th he is also having a PET scan to confirm that location and that it has not spread. We are very fortunate to be having that test done on a machine that is the only one of its kind in the US(they have been using it for 5 yrs in Europe). It can spot the smallest of tumors. He will be #52 out of the needed 200 patients to have this machine approved by the FDA.



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Hi Anna, I have cushings and had pit surgery dec 2011. Last MRI showed no sign of pit tumor returning, but I have been having a lot of GI issues, and Dr suspects a tumor on my pancreas also. My cortisol came back high. He said it is very common in people that had pit tumors to find them on pancreas. I have never heard of that. I also have adrenal tumors. I am having an endoscopic ultrasound this Friday. My endoscopy and colonoscopy were fine ( except for some acid reflux). I will post after I find results this Friday.

Good luck


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