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confused, worried, what to do

Guest Worried


Guest Worried

Hi and thanks for this forum.


I'm concerned that I've begun to develop Cushing's Syndrome following severe over/misuse of steroidal cream.

Symptoms include thin skin, easy bruising / wounding, intermittent hypertension (though this may be due to something i've caught), muscle weakness, some rounding in the face, seemingly immunio compromised (i've quickly caught several 'bugs' from public pools, etc)


I started noticing these symptoms a week after stopping the steroidal cream rapidly (I wish I had read more about this before doing so).


Prior to this i had experienced what might be pseudo-cushing syndrome due to heavy depression: stress / anxiety (low immune system, mental fog, severe fatigue).

These symptoms continue today.


My Primary Care Provider dismissed my concerns on last visit and in fact offered what i consider bad advice.

Needless to say i'll be looking for another provider.


I honestly want to go directly to an endocrinologist. How should I approach them to get a quick appointment.


Other than reducing stress, what can i do to lower my cortisol levels.


Thank you!

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BDen gave good advice. However, there are some folks who feel their cushings began with steroids but never went away after stopping them. I would stop the cream and wait a few months. If your symptoms haven't improved then look for a good endo who understands this disease.


Please keep us posted.




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