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New Medication overview

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This book just hit the shelves. It's intended for investor institutions in the Pharma industry. You can buy it for the low low price of $2000, but a lot of info can be gleaned just by reading the table of contents.




It's a 47 page analysis of all the drugs currently in the development pipeline for Cushing's disease.


In particular, it discusses one that I was not aware of called Normocort (COR-003) - it is a modified version of Ketoconazole that is intended to work more effectively against cortisol synthesis and less effectively against the metabolic enzyme CYP7A, which is what causes all the common side effects of Keto.


This is a very good drug because if everything pans out it will:

1. Be more effective in reducing cortisol than Ketoconazole with fewer side effects

2. Unlike Korlym, it will actually lower serum cortisol, not just block it

3. Unlike Signifor, it will not require an injection or cause hyperglycemia

4. Unlike Signifor, it should work on patients with Adrenal cushing's


Possible downsides are:

It may still be less effective than Korlym or Signifor at achieving clinical relief of symptoms

As such a powerful cortisol inhibitor, in cyclical patients it may induce occasional AI incidents or may be difficult to dose

Unlike Signifor, it does not act on the tumor and therefore does not reduce tumor size or ACTH production.




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Well, if it's hydrocortisone that wouldn't be a treatment for cushing's. This document focuses on treatments for cushing's.

Oh duh! I'm a bla-er so steroid is the treatment for me. I forget that's not the case for everyone. Whoops!

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