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Is it cushings?

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I've been conducting a tremendous amount of my own research.  Have come to some inconclusive decision and need some heads to help me sort this out.  The theory im about to present may be a bit disturbing for some but please read the entire text.  Id like to hear back from you and request some help in furthering this study  Please give me your input.  Especially since i know there are some holes in my study which need to be filled and quite possibly some inaccurate data.  


Interested in working with me to gather data on this theory, pease let me know.  We'll disucss a strategy for moving forward ( l.lspriggs@verizon.net) .  For now, im only stating the information as basic and simple as possible without references. Later i will provide the references.  I do feel  like a medical student.  When it comes to cushings, one has to be.  The "real" doctors don't seem to know much more than we students.


Form all the research thus far, stress is very much linked to the production of high cortisol levels.  Is it possible then that one could have high cortisol level and not have a tumor. This is my hypothesis and what ive been doing research on.  The research ive done seem to confirm this.  


When the body is undergoing stress, the hypothalamus, which incidently, is really the master gland, sends signals (crh) to the piturary gland telling it to produce acth which tell the adrenal glands to produce cortisol into the bloodstream. We all know the basics.  Its possible that stress overtime is what is causing the body to overproduce.  The current studies indicate that a tumor of some sort either in the pit, adrenal, ectopic may be the cause.


If one leads a stressful lifestyle (i.e. always on the go, worrisome, doing a million things at once) , have a poor diet, sedetary (lack of exercise), poor sleeping habits (insomiacs or just getting less than needed) one will have most if not all the cushings symptoms.  


Its a fact that cushings affects blood pressure, weight gain, menstraul cycle etc.  All which are stress induced.  Im not suggesting that tumors don't exit.  Some people have tumors, which are clearly detected on the mri, have been removed and are cured.  I believe this may have been the case for MaryO.  I apologize if thats incorrect Mary.  I know there are others out there that fall into this category.  Mainly im speaking of those of us who have either not had a tumor show up on the mri or who have been unsuccessful many times over.  Let me just hightlight my case to illustrate my point.


I had an mri done that showed what they thought was a 4mm tumor. When i saw it i though no way that just looks like a smudge on film.  Anyway 5 doctors looked at it and confirmed a tumor. Had transphenodial surgery, by one of the best in the world, dr. laws at uva.  The pathology report came back and showed no abnormal cells.  My numbers dropped some but i was not cured.  they couldn't tell me what happened to the tumor if there in fact was one.  They said it could have been suctioned but we'll never know.  Had a second opininon to confirm cushings.  The second endo ran test and my number were even higher than when i was first diagnosed.  Prior to the second opinion, i had an IPSS done and the numbers were extremely high in the pit on the right side where the first mri showed the "4mm tumor".  My symptoms are very minimal. Weight gain in the upper part. really looks like im 8 months pregnant especially when i get bloated, acne, fatigue, muscle pains, some straie marks and major digestive problems, insulin resistance.   Everything else is great. my blood pressure is excellent, regular menstral cycle.  I must add that i was diagnosed early on and that i am vegetarian and exercise lots.  Not to sound contridictory.  Im also a worry wart, have very high levels of stress, don't know how to relax, have been insominiac for years., and during the time the symptoms started happening, mainly weight gain and digestive problems, i was under tremendous stress.   Thats my story.  I hope you see my point.


Ive been reading many of your stories both on the message board and through the bio's.  Is the same pattern.  The mri does not detect a tumor becasue the doctos say its too small or whatever reasons they give, but the cortisol levels are extremely high, the ipss indicates that its either on the right or left anterio, but remember this test does not confirm a tumor (right?) it only suggest that a tumor is there.  Then surgery is performed but the levels don't go down unless they remove half or more of the pit.  Well of course the numbers are going to go down, the pit can no longer tell the adrenal glands to produce steriod.  However, the numbers start to increase again probably becasue you still have the hypothalamus telling the adrenal glands--indirectly since the pit is no longer functioning--to produce coritosol.  I need to do more research on this and get back to you all.  THis exercise has been good for me because it points out the problems and shows were i need to do more research.  


If one continues to live the stressful lifestyle, poor diet , sleep and lack of exercise, then of course your levels will remain high.  After surgery you're hopeuflly recovery peacefully so the levels are lower at that time.  


How does one explain those who have had two transphenodial surgery, thats only becaause they will not do more than two, two gamma knife and still not cured.  Once the adrenal glands are removed the body stops cortisol.  Of course one is at that point declared cured.  Now


I guess the next question is how many cushings patients have nelson disease.  Because if one has pit surgery, does not get cured and then has the adrenal remove, if there is a tumor in the pit, then nelson disease is onset.  


I also read today that one can have tumors in the pit that are nonfunctioning. This means they can not cause cushings.   It  just occured to me that a lot of this sounds like psedo cushings. I don't much about it except that its related to alchohol and depression.  Could this be what im describing.  Anyway have more information.




I'll stop here. theres is a lot more id like to share but only with those who are truly intersted. Especially since this is all preliminary and in working stages. DOn't want to bore the entire group with all this.  


Again if you are interested in pursing this further contact me at l.lspriggs@verizon.net.  Or if you have an opinion either way write.  


Thanks for your patients.

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