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Adrenal crisis in treated Addison's disease: a predictable but under-managed event

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I took one of my kids to the ER in the spring & we both had a face mask on so as not to get sick from the flu going around. Well the nurse said she understood why my kid had one on but why me? I told her I had Addison's & did not want to get sick. She was like "what's that?" I have done everything possible not to have AI cuz I think this hospital would kill me!!

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Very interesting.  I'm headed on a cruise in less than two weeks and terribly afraid of getting sick.  My last vacation (just a driving trip to the beach) was a nightmare.  This trip was planned well over a year before my surgery even happened.  I don't currently have an injection kit but I have an endo appt this week and I think I'm going to ask to get one to take with me.

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