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Hump at back of neck

Guest Amy


Hi my name is Amy and I have had this weird looking hump at the back of my neck since my late teens and I was a size 9 6 months later im twenty and I went to a size 11 I figured ok I’m still growing and also figured it could have been water weight from the birth control of was taking back then and I continued to take this birth control for years until 2005 as I gained more I figured I stop and the water weight would subside but I was wrong as the years went by i kept gaining but staying at the same weight for a decade and it would increase it was now 2007 this was when I knew something was really wrong I was massively gaining weight in my mid section I thought I was pregnant but I wasn’t my stomach just kept increasing in since and I didn’t do anything different to my diet , I just couldn’t understand why and the aches and pains my body has on a constant basis is really hard it’s almost unbearable at times. And the tiredness I feel after a work day is rough and I just stay in bed after cause I’m in soo much pain. Any how from what I heard not every one who has cushings suffer from same symptoms and if this is true who else has felt the same thing as I have . And how long did it take to get a diagnosis

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  • Chief Cushie

Hi, Amy - I had most of the same symptoms as you but I was always "chunky".

I thought I was pregnant when I noticed my first symptom - loss of my periods.  Even though I was faithfully working out most days at my gym and was on track with my foods with Weight Watchers, I gained weight.

And tired/exhaustion/fatigue was with me daily.

It took about 5 years for a diagnosis.

My whole bio is here (although it needs an update): https://cushingsbios.com/2013/04/29/maryo-pituitary-bio/

Why not join these boards so you can read everything we've written about the symptoms you're experiencing now?

Best of luck to you!


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Guest Courtnay

Hi Amy


I'm pretty new to this

And i too notice this curved lump at the back of my neck


For the longest time, i struggled with weight gain and loss

But i just thought my trouble spot was my stomach


For a year now , i have had too radically change my diet


Especially avoiding gluten.

That made a big difference for me.

Now, I'm fairly convinced I have Cushing's

And a pituitary tumor.


So yes, your story is similar to mine

And the best thing to do is go to a pituitary specialist


I hope you feel better soon






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Guest MadamesenoraprincessqueenB

I was a skinny Minnie that all women hated cause of my shape (and too many men targeted ) and my body weight nearly tripled.   I  am militant against fat shamers ever since.  Even doctors treated me as if I was a slovenly character afflicted with hand to mouth disease  (shoving the food from my hands into my mouth )  Have read that one of the big clues for a doctor should be when the patient claims that the weight piles on even when they eat nothing.   You have suffered way too long.   There's other causes for weight gain as well.   Please seek an answer. 

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