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Guest Kookooracharabioso


Guest Kookooracharabioso

17 years ago adrenal gland removed.  Still very ill.  Obviously Cushings.  Can't get help & suspect that I may need to go out of state to get that help.  Medicare now primary so possibly hopeless.  Wish search would work so I could see if there's up to date doctors in my state.  Overwhelmed by your site & TMI but it IS inspiring. How to determine what is the blockage for me getting care is primary concern also.  States can determine which conditions will be covered in their states even for patients that are not on ACA insurance may be my primary blockage but how to find out?

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If you join these boards - it's free - and post a bit, you'll be able to do searches and get lots more features that you have as a guest.

Best of luck to you!

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