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So many symptoms could it be?

Guest Ann


Ok I’m gonna try and make this quick a few months back I started just not feeling well I started to feel extremely tired  all the time my periods started getting more and more irregular I developed horrible anxiety and depression to the point where I was having crying outbursts and did not wanna leave the house then before I new it I started having trouble with my legs they are weak they just hurt all the time!! Now my eye vision is terrible everything is blurry and I’m getting headaches I have also gained 30 pounds in just a few months for no apparent reason I eat healthy!!! Do not have that hump on my back so maybe it’s not Cushings syndome? Iv had all kinds of tests done and still no answers the only answer I got was I was starting menopause I was told this by my ob after blood work but I feel like it’s definitely something else going on I’m just so frustrated and tired of being sick!!! I’m looking for any insight thank you!!

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I never had a hump but still had Cushing's. Unfortunately your symptoms (and most Cushing's symptoms) can also be caused by other medical conditions so it's important to test everything and if you're concerned about Cushing's I would do some cortisol testing if you haven't already. Have you done any 24 hour urinary free cortisol tests? or had your ACTH checked?

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