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Buttons, buttons...  Who wants buttons?

Guest Lynne*

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Buttons, buttons... ?who wants buttons???? ? hehe.gif


First of all I want to thank Cathy Gifford for creating these fantastic buttons for us. ?They are simply awesome!!! ?For her hard work and dedication to create these buttons ~ Thank You!! ?


Not only did she create these buttons, she also spent many hours working toward the production of these buttons. ?As soon as I talk with her today; the buttons will be produced. ??I'm so excited about this. ?


What Cathy's done is something completely different from our logos.... ?She's given us the world...   :)

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I would also like some...please. Is there any chance that I might be able to do a French version too??? Just a thought.

MC  :)

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The buttons should be on the way to Sue, she should receive them soon. I think this is a good way to help people become more aware of Cushing's. ?I can't wait to see the finished product and I hope everyone likes them.


Cathy ?:)

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Mary will be back in the good ole USA tonight.  She let me know that she'll post the picture tomorrow so that everyone can see what these buttons look like.  


I think they are awesome.

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The buttons are Awesome!!! Great job Cathy!


The picture does not do them justice at all. They are very bright and eye catching. I am soooooo impressed at how well they turned out!


Get them while they are HOT!!



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