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Ebay & igive


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For those who shop at ebay... ?and I know a lot of us do. ?:cool:


and those of you not registered at iGive...


We are registered at iGive and everytime you shop at ebay 3 pennies are donated to Cushings Support. ?I know that I have supported Cushings Support via ebay many, many times. ?Sh!! ?Just don't tell anyone.


There is a 'shopping window' that can be downloaded so that iGive comes up everytime you shop at any of the over 400 stores registered, even if you don't go directly to iGive to shop. ?


Sometimes that 'shopping window' does not show up for me.  That's when I go directly to iGive and bring up the store.  We don't get the credit unless that shopping window is on the screen.


Just a reminder...

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You register with Cushing's Help & Support as your cause.  Then you download the shopping window.  When you download the shopping window it's suppose to open up around any of the 400+ stores when you visit them, even if you don't go through the igive shopping mall.  


For example:  If you go directly to ebay or barnes & noble or target or any of the other stores the igive shopping window is suppose to come up around the store.  When it does, for me it says:  "Hi, Sue, You've raised $XX.XX for Cushing's Help & Support."  Then when you shop whatever % that particular store donates is registered to this site.  I think it's quarterly that they send the checks out.  I know with ebay it's not a lot, but those few pennies add up if you shop a lot or bid a lot.  I know sometimes I might bid two or three times on an item...   It all helps.


You'd be surprised at the store listing...  as I said, 400+ stores, many that I'm sure you probably use, although I don't know if you're an on-line shopper.  I am.  I hate crowds.



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When I click on ebay, it takes me to a shopping mall of stores.  I want ebay, not online stores...


I don't see how to download the shopping window either...


Sue, can you come out to my house and help me????

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