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An Opportunity to Fund Growth Hormone Research

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  • Chief Cushie

I got this from a nice woman named Barbara who we met at UVa this last year. She may be our next upcoming guest in a Guest Chat :)This is a WORD file from the doctor that Barbara forwarded to me.....



Dear Mary,


    You may not remember me but I met you at the April Pituitary Days in Charlottesville VA.  I have been on quite a journey with many ups and downs in my healing since removal of my pituitary gland in Nov. of 2003.  My hormones are still not stable.  I increase the dose of one and it puts the others out of wack.  I guess you are familiar with all this.  I do continue to improve though and do not give up.


    I am writing for another reason also, A Dr. Roberto Salvatori at Johns Hopkins has recieved a large grant from NIH to study the consequenses of lack of growth hormone and it's affects on heart function, bone density, muscle strength, and fat metabolism.  It is a wonderful study but he has run into a problem with a delay in recieving the funding.  It apparently had to go through the Brazilian Gov. which is where the study will take place in a population of dwarfs that genetically have no growth hormone (a perfect study sample).  Reciept of the funds may be delayed anywhere from three to six months.  The study is scheduled to begin July 1 and an Endocrinology fellow, Dr. Danilo Fintini from Italy, is hired to do the research and begin July 12th, however there are no funds available yet to pay him.  NIH grants require that the work be completed within a framework of time.  To delay the project may cause a loss of the grant.  What I would like to ask is that a request for donations be posted on the network.  Any donation is tax deductable and greatly appreciated.  $11,210 will be needed for the first three months and then another $11,210 for the next three months.  This research when completed will help patients that are hypopituitary be treated with greater knowledge of the problem and insights in to how to help them recover strength, normal heart function and fat metabolism.  I have attached a letter Dr. Salvatori sent to me asking for my help in this endeaver.  I plan to give $1000 dollars to the effort.  Even a donation of $20 will be accepted.  I would appreciate any ideas for raising the funds as well.  If I can help you in any way with the website or teaching classes, I can do that also.


    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  Please do not hesitate to ask for more verification or information about the project.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


With great appreciation,


Barbara Craven, PhD, RD, LD

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