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  1. MaryOld

    iGive again

    WooHoo! Thanks to everyone who participates! Total disbursed so far: $106.39 Total raised through shopping: $138.07 through bonuses: $33.00 Grand total raised: $171.07
  2. MaryOld

    iGive again

    ===> Extra! Extra! Read all about it! $5 Free Donation. From March 1 through June 30 2002, (extended deadline) each new member who registers at iGive and shops will earn an additional $5 for these boards. That's on top of the standard of up to 26% from their shopping. Only hitch - you've got to shop within 45 days of joining. With over 370 stores now at iGive, you've got some great choices. ===> Inkjet cartridges and toner supplies are one of the most popular items. You can save 50 - 80%! ===> Easier than falling off a log - the iGive Shopping Window! http://www.iGive.com/html/shopwindow.cfm ===> Get even more - check out Office Depot, Office Max and Viking for office supplies - get your tax exemption and get money back, when you shop via iGive.com
  3. MaryOld

    Cushie Totebags

    Yes, I remember that you moderate a board, Lynn I had asked, on the "main" board, for everyone who I had listed - moderators, CUSH people, people who wanted to host a chat - to email me to get their passwords. Very few people did. I don't know if it's because they didn't read the post or not. It was the one titled something like "Board moderators Check In". I figured that was a post that moderators would read, but I was apparently mistaken. Anyway, I'll PM you the password, Lynn. Thanks for asking about it
  4. MaryOld

    Cushie Totebags

    It says they're machine washable - but we'll see. Sometimes, they say that they are, and techincally they are, but they never look the same. We'll see how these go. Sue, maybe youshould get lots, so when one gets dirty, you'll alwas have a spare LOL
  5. MaryOld

    Cushie Totebags

    Thanks, Sue - I'm going to order some, too, but I'm going to wait for a bit and see if I can get enough stuff to qualify for the free shipping offer. I hope to get some more things up and ready over the next week. Think that there would be any call for barbecue aprons? Here's a current list of the blank products that I can put logos on. http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/products/index.aspx Next week, they will add the stickers, flying discs, license plate frames and wall clocks. ?I'm hoping that the stickers will be like those cling things we were talking about before. For July 4th, there will be some kind of plush eagle. ?Not sure what that will look like though.
  6. MaryOld

    Cushie Totebags

    Stickers, flying discs, license plate frames and wall clocks will be available online next week, too. Would anyone be interested in any of these? Also...until June 9,
  7. MaryOld

    Cushie Insulated Coolers

    Insulated Cooler Bag Great for keeping your lunch fresh and beverages cold (and urine fresh???), our handy insulated lunch bag/cooler will hold up to six 12oz cans with ice. Bag includes handy front pocket, adjustable shoulder strap and zip tight top. 100% Denier Polyester Exterior, Nylon interior Adjustable Shoulder Strap Front Pocket Note the color! Perfect for remembering those 24-hour jugs! Only $18.99 each For each cooler, $1.00 goes to CUSH and $1.00 goes to the fees for running these boards and websites. Note that this is a "limited" item, and that, like the Valentine's bears, will be discontinued at some point. I'll try to let you know in advance when that will be. Click here for more info or to order
  8. MaryOld

    Cushie Totebags

    New! ?Cushie Tote Bag Our 100% cotton canvas tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go. They include a bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying. 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric Full side and bottom gusset 22" reinforced self-fabric handles Machine washable Just the thing for carrying those Symptoms Lists to the endo or papers at the UVA convention! Only $14.99 each. ?For each bag, $1.00 goes to CUSH and $1.00 goes to the fees for running these boards and websites For more info, or to order, click here for the Cushie Store
  9. MaryOld

    iGive again

    Cushing's Help and Support has only 44 days left for $5 Donation Match iGive has extended its offer of a FREE $5 bonus for each new shopper until June 30, 2002! Time is running short. Unless you spread the word Cushing's Help and Support will miss out. ============================== Contents ------------------------------ 1. $5 Bonus Information 2. Don't get left behind 3. It Adds Up Quickly 4. Hundreds of Great Deals 5. Tracking & Registration are so easy 6. Supporters get started with just one click 7. Cause Statistics ========================================= 1. FREE $5 + up to 26% of each purchase! ----------------------------------------- Each new person who registers at iGive.com between now and June 30 can raise an additional $5 for your cause, on top of earning up to 26% of each purchase for you! All they have to do is shop via iGive.com within 45 days of joining. We make it easy, with over 360 familiar stores (like Amazon, Lands' End, PetFood Direct, Office Depot, and Best Buy) to choose from! The average online shopper is earning about $20-$40 per year for their chosen cause. Some shoppers are raising that for their cause each month! Make sure that cause is Cushing's Help and Support. =============================================== 2. It's working for thousands of causes ----------------------------------------------- The average check we wrote last month was for about $75. You can see a list of recent checks we've sent at http://www.iGive.com/html/payments.cfm ======================================== 3. Benefits come quickly ---------------------------------------- Just five new shoppers can mean another $150, $200, even $500 or more in the coming year. Better yet, it continues year in and year out, without any more work on your part. ================================= 4. Hundreds of Great Deals! --------------------------------- As always, your supporters get great deals, never pay more, and might even pay less when they shop for things they need from stores they know and trust. Books, records, office supplies, clothes, pet supplies, and gifts are just some of the things people are buying every day. Why shouldn't each purchase also help Cushing's Help and Support? Even simply bidding at eBay can help your organization, when your supporters are members of iGive.com. It really is simple. All your supporters have to do to register is click on your special link. Free for them, free for you. But they'll only know about it if you spread the word! ============================================ 5. Tracking & Registration is Automatic -------------------------------------------- Whenever members shop by starting at iGive.com, our newsletter, or by using the iGive.com Shopping Window, they'll automatically be earning money for Cushing's Help and Support. Each month, we send out checks to qualifying causes. ========================================== 6. Get Started Today with this simple link ------------------------------------------ Each day that goes by means lost opportunity - wasted money. Don't let that happen. Simply by letting your supporters and friends know that they can help, without it costing anything you'll be helping Cushing's Help and Support. Your supporters can join just by clicking on this link: http://www.iGive.com/html/refer.cfm?causeid=17825 Send it to them today. The $5 bonus expires June 30, 2002. ================================== 7. Cushing's Help and Support Cause statistics & info ---------------------------------- Money raised to help support thes boards and Cushings-Help.com: $149.50 $5 Registration Bonuses: $15.00 Members: 34 Members joined since 3/1/02: 10 Statistics as of 5/12/02 and are subject to change.
  10. MaryOld

    iGive again

    Just moving up. Thanks to the 29 iGive members from here, I'm able to defray some of the costs of running this site. Much appreciated
  11. MaryOld

    About those pins...

    Available now at http://www.CUSH.org/pins.htm Thanks Cookie and Sue!
  12. MaryOld

    Cushie Coffee Mugs...

    When I have some spare time to design the images for them. Anyone here good in computer graphic design? Unfortunately, I can't take the CUSH logo and just plop it on a cup. It has to be converted into an image of a certain size (enough to go around the cup and about 3 inches high) and number of pixels, even if it has a lot of transparent space. There are lots of things like that that I'd like to do, but I'm just running out of time Maybe next week
  13. MaryOld

    Cushie Coffee Mugs...

    People thought that they would be a good idea, but no one had any ideas for sayings on them. I think that everyone was thinking of the Cushie Sweetie mugs - which may or may not be appropriate for the doctor BTW - I just got the news tonight. There will be an Easter Bunny available. Now to think of something for that one. They also are adding baseball jerseys, mini basketball hoops and tiles. I didn't think anyone here would be interested in those...
  14. MaryOld

    Cushie Coffee Mugs...

    People in the chat last week were talking about a special mug to give to their doctors. I'm going to design a new one so that you don't have to proclaim your endo your "Cushie Sweetie" Anyone have any ideas for a good slogan or what to put on it?
  15. MaryOld

    iGive again

    I've posted here before about iGive.com and several people have used this wonderful site to buy things online. This website allows people to shop at the same stores that you normally would and at the same prices. However, with a special agreement, they contribute some of the profits to the upkeep and monthly charges of running this site and message board. People from these boards have earned $95.64 since this program started in November and I thank everyone who has done this. There's a special going on for this month and next...It's called The New Member bonus. From March 1 through April 30 2002, each new member who joins iGive and shops will earn an additional $5 to help pay for these boards and the Cushing's Help site. That's on top of the standard of up to 26% from shopping. Only hitch - you've got to shop within 45 days of joining. Joining is free. With over 340 stores now at iGive.com, they've got some great choices.