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  1. I have found another really handy thing with the boards. If you go to 'My Controls' then go to 'board settings' you will see a line that says 'Open Fast Reply automatically when available?' tick yes to that. And then when you read posts, at bottom on most of them there will be a fast reply box, where you just type and press add reply, this saves you from having to wait for the reply page to load.
  2. And how much easier is it now to put colors into posts.! Wonderful. I love these boards! Another Really good thing, I have found is, that when you click on someone to show their profile, it also tells the local time where they are, which would be extremely handy for me if I want to ring someone. I checked my own profile, and I noticed the time was wrong for me, so If anyone notices the time is wrong, all you need to do is go to My Controls, and then to board settings, and it lets you select what Timezone you are in. I also noticed that since I changed the time, it now displays posts in my local time zone, which would again make it easier for me to figure out when posts have been posted. Since we are a day ahead over here, I used to get sometimes confused, as to when things were posted. So if you set the time right, all the posts will display in your local time.
  3. Amber, I have noticed that with new posts, the blue circles on the left hand side, change to a dark blue and flashes to indicate new posts. Mary I love the board summary, that is excellent. I think I will be using that feature a lot. One question Mary, I don't know if its just me, but the chatroom link doesn't seem to be working. When I click on Chatroom at the top of the page, it tells page can't be found. Desley
  4. Lynne, That was a really good article, but you'd think they would have mentioned cortisol or cushing's.
  5. des

    Quiz Time

    Hi everyone, I have aced this test also. I think it was the one time that my memory hasn't failed me. I did an online I.Q test recently and my mind was blank, I scored below average. I used to be smart, oh well not anymore LOL.
  6. I think I may have cushings. ?I only found out about cushings about one year ago, but think I may have had this for about 14 years. ? I have moon face, red face, excess hair on my chin, breasts, abdomen, ?massive stretch marks, have suffered from terrible headaches for years tried many different medications for them nothing helps. acne ?bad back aches very irregular periods, depression being treated with anti-depressants. ? I heard about cushings through a magazine article that my mom gave me and I instantly thought that's me. ?when to my doctor and got an referral to an endo. ?Went and saw the doctor and he said that I have all the symptoms of cushings but because I don't have high blood pressure that I don't have It and diagnosed me with pcos. ?He said that he would do blood tests and would ring me if anything was wrong. ? I was very upset after seeing this doctor ?be basically called me fat and told me to get right and exercise. ? I never went back to see him. ? But now after having been reading this site, I have found that not everyone has high blood pressure and now am going to see another endo and hopefully I get diagnosed. ?If anyone could offer my their advice it would be most appreciated.
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