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7th September 2005



Harry starts back at nursery today.I am going to pop down to the employment agencies and see if I can get a temporary night job to raise the extra cash we need. Steve is off with a bad back right now, poor thing...men's illnesses are always a 100 times worse! Still packing...slowly getting there, thought we didn't have much but boy was I wrong.Got a bit emotional last night for no reason other then I had watched some drama on TV. Thinking alot about the last 4 years especially about Harry's problems. I just find myself to be so lucky. I thank god that his heart problem was detected and his mole is nearly gone. Still makes me wonder if having mild cushings during pregnancy caused these defects. I just got so upset last night thinking about those doctors telling me that if he hadn't had his heart op then he would have died before his teens and if he hadn't had the mole removed it could have turned malignant before his teens - just both those things pointing towards death before his teens - I don't know I just got so upset thinking about it. There are so many unanswered questions I have about the cause of my cushings - I just wish that there was more research into some of these areas and it was as easy to find the cause as other diseases.


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