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Neighbours, sisters, what else can happen!



Yesterday I had a letter from our council saying our next door neighbours planning proposal for a 2-storey 19 ft extension to the rear of their property has been granted. We have been fighting this application for a year and on their 3rd attempt they have been successful. I am so gutted as it means that building work will take place whilst we are trying to sell our house for the bankruptcy - it could jeopardise our having the equity available to pay of our debts and determine how long our bankrupcy lasts - ayear to three years. I wanted it to be a year :spudniksurgeon: Then today I receive a letter from my step sister saying she is sorry she hasn't written for a year and she would like to see me. I am a bit peeved as the last time I contacted her I was so ill and I told her how bad I was, I had also sent a present for her newborn baby but received no letter of thanks of any get well wishes. Now a year after surgery she has decided to contact me again. We share the same Dad and he is utterly useless. He left when I was 6yrs old, saw me when I was 18 and did a big guilt trip, kept in touch for a few weeks and then stopped all contact for 15 years - what a parent, eh! Shame we can't choose them. Whilst I was ill I was heartbroken that he didn;t make contact - I could have died and he wouldn't have given a s**t! So I am at two minds to write to her - I immediately wrote a letter on receipt that basically says my true feelings but am at two minds whether to post that version - I have nothing against her, she has been through a tough year as he partner has been ill and she has two young children so I know how stressful that can be, its just that I had high hopes and hoped that I would have been regarded more then cast aside :wacko: .We have to do another car boot sale tomorrow (like a yard sale) - both Steve and I are not that enthused by the prospect but we have tons of videos and clothes to sell, Harrys pram and carrycot, fingers crossed we make some money. Our electric will run out on Monday so we need to make at least ?30 plus ?10 for Steves petrol. This really is utter madness and a crazy way to live, we are literally living hand to mouth. Still as I keep saying, not long...Well, its late and I am tired from trying to sort out and price up all of our belongings to sell tomorrow. We have to be down there by 6am but the worst thing is the way they try and cram as many people in as possible so it means you have to stay there all day as you can't get out! I hope Harry will be OK. He normally is but it is a very long day for him - I am just so glad I have such a wonderful and patient little boy.Night, night.


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