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Trying To Get My Gp On Board



I just faxed a letter to my general practitioner asking him to assist me with the lab work Dr. F will want. I might be wasting time, but I have nothing to lose. I asked him to order measure 3 UFCs and 17hydroxysteroids and 3 night time salivary cortisols. My GP has always been helpful so I am hoping he'll be of assistance again.I am currently covered by COBRA, since I am on unemployment, and I only have 15 more months of coverage so I am trying to get this show on the road. I would like to walk in with some of the labs, and also see them beforehand so I can get some reassurance that I'm not just imagining things. :rolleyes: I hope he calls me back and lets me know to pick up the lab slips. I'm used to doing 24 hour urines (I spill protein), so at least I won't be shocked at the jugs. <_<


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