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Today is a hard one



:D Carrie is doing good today I guess. As good as you can be with cushings.She is watching Dances with Wolves right now.And of course I am sitting her typing away not even sure what you put in a blog.I am listening to music....music from the 40's.I love it.My favorite actress is Ginger Rogers.


I am in pain.My fybromyalgia is realling hurting today and has been a real problem every since Carrie lost control and used me as a punching bag.I have pain in places I didn't know could hurt.And lucky me I have taken so much advil,motrin,tylenol over the years I have gastritis.The meds. I am taking to keep it under control just aren't working anymore.After we get Carrie on her way to getting better I am gonna go get this checked.


Carrie has started making entries in my diary at night.She tells me what to write.The other night she was talking about how she loved the disney movie Mulan.Cause of the story line where Mulan pretends to be a man(Carrie says she looks like a man) to fight in the army.The the song."Who is this girl I see".That one makes her tear up and it does us all now that we understand the real meaning it has on her.


Well I am gonna stop here and read some other blogs which is what I should have done to begin with just so I can see how this goes.


Sheila a.k.a. Tawanda(fried green tomatoes) :D


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