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it doesn't get much earlier (or later) than this



boy, when insomnia hits, it really hits. it probably doesn't help that I have a brand new shiny laptop (her name is Lynx, and she's a bit of a drama queen. She does, however, play nice with Lyra, my mp3 player, which is a Very Good Thing) that I can set on my nightstand while I lay in bed. but I'm sure even if I didn't have a lappy, I'd be sitting awake. Don't get me wrong, I love sleep. I love sleeping. but when it's hot and I'm having weird dreams and waking up feels terrible, well, why not put it off for another five, ten minutes, over and over again, until-- oops, it's five AM and the sky is turning indigo outside my window.


also, when you're in the middle of a several hour long conversation with a boy who is three hours behind you (and on a side note, when did I start identifying my friends by their time zone locations?), you don't want to have to say 'sorry, I'm too tired,' and end it. sleep schmeep. you can sleep when you're dead. or so I've heard, I don't know.


I discovered a stupid mistake in my knitting today. When I started whinging about it my mum said to me, 'that's because it's hard.' I wouldn't have minded so much if it were a mistake due to the complexity of the pattern. but no, this was my own ignoring all the obvious signs screaming 'turn back now! doom ahead!' and pushing on with something that was wrong. Fortunately, I've calculated a way to not have to rip out two weeks' worth of work. That is, if I can remember it for more than five seconds, and not make the same mistake a second time.


and on a closing note, heartburn caused by meds is ouch. but on the plus side, it does distract nicely from the other pains.


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