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August 2006 update



OK, I have been falling behind on blogging so am trying to do at least one update at the end of the month.


Well August has been a mixed bag. The weather in the UK has been up and down but its still nice and warm. We finally made it camping - 1st time - it was brillian. We visited lots of historical places, the campsite was great, very clean and family friendly. camping itself was fun and I have never slept so well and it was good to hear the wildlife especially the owls hooting at night. We went to Tintern Abbey, Raglan Castle, Symonds Yat Rock as well as beautiful walks in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley as well as visiting King Arthurs caves. Took tons of photo's.


On a health note. I am now weaned down to 10mg of hydro although my Doc says that I could come off of it as I have suppressed on the Dex and the synacthen tests looked good too!! Horrah!! Only problem is that on my post-op MRI, it is still showing something there, they are still not sure if it is residual tumour or post-op scar tissue - the same dillema they had after my last op. Soooooo....it looks like it is radiotherapy for me then. I should see the oncologist in the next few weeks and then hopefully treatment will happen before the end of the year. Five times a day, five times a week for yes you guessed it five weeks. Steve has spoken to one of the pathologists and oncologists he works with and they have both reassured him that this probably the best route to take. They said I should ask the oncologist as many questions as possible and the questions I have thanks to the wonderful support I have received here, are very good questions. So I wait with anticipation.


Home life has been up and down but I am trying to deal with it the best way I can. My relationship with Steve has gone from strength to strength but Mum is always down and continuously nags or picks holes. Its a shame as the times she does pull herself out of it are really good times and we laugh alot. I just wish sometimes she could put her past behind her and live for tomorrow. Being ill has really taught me that lesson. Life is too precious.


Harry starts big school in a weeks time. I have just bought all of his school uniform and he looks so cute. God, I am going to miss him so much and I am sure it will be sooooo quiet without him chattering away. I get so sentimental over this!! My little boy is growing up so fast.


Well, it's September the 1st and I hope its a good one for everyone especially Liz who has a very important appointment coming up very soon.


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