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Hi there! :biggrin:


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


I see my pcp in January to discuss the results of my urine free cortisol test that came back elevated in December. Unfortunately, this points to a recurrence of my Cushing's disease. My pcp had a suspecion when I saw him in October because my blood pressure was elevated like it was before surgery. :frown: I did a stress test during this visit, and during the test, my blood pressure became really erractic. The good news is my heart is in good shape!


I am a little scared about what the endocrinologist will tell me in March. I don't know if we will discuss another surgery or not. My neurosurgeon told me over the summer that he recommends another surgery if a tumor is evident on MRI should I have a recurrence, and if a second surgery is not successful, then stereotactic radiation.


I guess I am tired of fighting cushings and would like it over and done with so I can get on with my life.


In some ways, I don't want March to get here.




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