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OK, I totally get that as a Cushie my powers of concentration and memory are somewhat less than reliable. But c'mon...forgetting to get food for my family?! :crazyeyes: And yet, that's exactly what I did! Since my husband (and caregiver) was hospitalized for a month back in May, we've been ordering every week from 'Meals-on-Wheels'. Neither of us is well enough to shop or cook, so the once-a-week delivery of frozen meals is how we're managing. The kids don't care, as long as there's food on the table. It's not exactly gourmet, but it's certainly a step above "Swanson's Tin Foil Dinners" (dating myself!). The routine is simple - order on Monday, take delivery on Friday. It goes in the deep freeze, we nuke 'em as we need 'em. Simple. Unless you have Cushings. I had to place an emergency, late-night-and-a-day-late call to the Coordinator, and I'm hoping she'll be understanding. Otherwise, it'll be soup and pizza for the next week. ARGH!!


Is it just me, or do all Cushies forget the simple day-to-day stuff? I can understand forgetting the hair appointment I made a week ago, or the documentary I really wanted to see on Thursday (or was it Tuesday?) - these are once-in-a-while things. I'm talking the really, really, simple, basic, falling-off-a-log, daily things...like eating...or showering...or.................what was I saying? :dunce:


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