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There's nothing I dislike more than a weepy, dramatic good-bye post but I'll indulge myself for once. Christy quite obviously doesn't think I have Cushing's, no one knows what a 10 hour UFC is, doesn't look like a hump maybe just a small one. I have learned tons here and I am very thankful to MaryO for this website and boards - I think she should be officially commended. I don't feel very welcome or accepted here. Maybe it's because I shared my soon-to-be-ex-husband's thoughts on Munchausen <_< maybe I jumped in too fast, maybe I am too aggressive seeking treatment since I only have a short while that I will be insured, maybe I shouldn't have shared a few things in my bio, maybe it's something else. All I know is that something is desperately wrong with me and has been since I was a teenager. I was hoping I had found the one area in my life that might be supportive of my problems. I don't think that I incidentally have headaches, sweating, severe panic attacks, depression, PCOS, diabetes, weight gain, edema, etc. ~ If I was an electrician and every outlet that one central panel controlled didn't function properly... I'd suspect there was something wrong with the panel - I wouldn't replace or patch all of the outlets. :rolleyes: I'll stop by and search the boards for answers when I have questions, there's so much information here I'm sure my needs will be met that way.


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