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Update - June 2008



Its been a rough few weeks. Everything has gone out of whack and on a daily basis I am not sure what is going on - its very worrying. My diabetes is uncontrolled and my blood sugars are exceeding 10, not good for me. My weight just keeps going up - its so frustrating. The other day I put on half a stone over night!! My cheeks are still bright red and I just feel so tired all the time. Last week I had to take some time off of work because I felt like a truck had hit me and what caused me the most worry was that I had difficulty walking and it took me back to when I had aggressive Cushings and my mobility was affected.


Today I feel a bit better. Not great but good enough to go back to work and get through the day. That's what it is like for me now - I get through the day...


We will be moving to a house soon which will be so great. I cannot wait to have that extra space and finally a garden again that I can sit out in and relax. I feel very penned up in the flat and it is getting very stressful. The communal areas are getting destroyed and damaged and not a night goes by without some arguing outside or the police turning up at a neighbours house - its just awful. The building is just 2 years old and would be a lovely place to live if it weren't for the few that spoil it. Its very sad. Still, not long. The house is just a walk away from my hospital which will be great and also walking distance to hubbys work. I am concerned about my commute to work, will I feel exhausted? But its a chance I have to take. I really like working for my company. The people are lovely and its suits me. Its a fairly relaxed environment.


I don't know what will happen to me this year. I look very Cushingoid but right now as I keep going hypoadrenal taking the low dose of ketaconozole, I am having to add a small dose of dexamethasone to bring my levels back up. Only problem is they want me to get between 250-300 amd I am going slightly over that. The Cushings needs to get under control but I don;t know how to get there. I feel I am all over the place sometimes, and having to work, take care of a home and family too - it all becomes very tiring and I am finding now I am having to sleep during the day at the weekends for 2-3 hours. Fortunately hubby is so helpful and lets me go off for a nap, looking after our son.


I just want things to improve healthwise as everything else seems to be falling into place for our family. This would be the icing on the cake but I am not that optimistic it will happen anytime soon right now.


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