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my storie





Thanks for the welcome notes!!! :thankyou:


Little more about my story and where I?m at the moment!!


It started about 2 years ago when I wanted to start a family with my Husband. I could end get pregnant so they diagnosed me with over weight and PCOS. about a year a started to kind of get angry with my doctor because there where no progress in helping me. So I went for an sec opinion and got the same results as the first. In January I had a miscarried and that took its toll on me so I was disparity seeking form more help. I have all of the symptoms of Cushing and dint even know it excited. SO I went to a doctor do as lot of other test I became more light headed and have high blood pressure and dint feel good at all and depression also started to get worse although I always just said I?m being stupid. I have been having weight problems for a long time don?t seem to lose any weight where it was needed and its also took its toll on my self-esteem. the doctor then did 24 hour urine test and that came back positive for Cushing syndrome but he still wants to do a another test to make sure and I?m seeing him in October for the next test. this all as taken its toll on me and my relationship with my husband I?m currently on an antidepressant and something for high blood pressure and on a diet for 2de diabetes and luchophage that makes me feel even worse. hopefully there will be a light on the end of the tunnel in October.


I do have a few questions because I don?t know much and been reading up as much as I can.

After they found out everything and you are on the road to recovery does this help you too lose some weight?





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