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What to do now?



Well, I am finally back on site... for some reason I wasn't able to log on.. it has been a very frustrating few months. I am at a lost for what to do next!


My daughter was tested for Cushing's, we did the suppression test, cortisol, etc... nothing. She still looks like she is on pred. They did confirm that she has a goiter and hypothyroidism, which she is being treated for, and she has started growing again! Yea! But, her joints hurt every morning, she walks like she is 80 years old and her wrists and feet/ankles are very tight. I took her to a rhumatologist, and she put her on some "alieve" to see if it helps.. it doesn't. She also still has a little hump on her back.


My concern is that she had the suppression test and I gave her the pill at midnight like instructed, however when we went in to get her blood drawn at 8:00 am the next day (we got there at 7:30am) and explained to them that she needed it drawn at 8:00am, they were so busy it didn't get drawn until 9:30am. Can this cause a false negative? We saw an pediatric endo at the Children's hospital here in Denver and they weren't concerned about Cushing's at all! Dismissed it, but couldn't explain the hump that is on her back...HELP!!!!


She is hurting every day and I am at my last straw with this!


My middle son if you remember has Wegener's and we found out he too has hypothyroidism! My oldest son has Asperger's Syndrome!!! Good thing I just had a hystorectomy two weeks ago! LOL! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent, and hopefully you all can help me! I've missed you! Hi Judy!



Tara :thankyou:


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