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Our Journey



It really started years before, but we didn't know what was happening. Small changes were taking place, health problems were occurring and our family doctor made diagnoses with neither treatment nor further testing.


In 2000 we met and it seemed to be love at first sight. I made a move over one thousand miles away to be with him. In 2002 I married a person who was kind and would do anything for anyone. Everything seems to go well for the first couple of years other than a diagnosis of mild osteoporosis for him. What thirty-nine/forty year old male gets osteoporosis with no treatment offered? Then other little changes started taking place.


First there was high blood pressure and diabetes, then a large weight gain over a four month period of time. Headaches were next. Even though we went for regular check-ups, the blood pressure kept going up and his sugar crept up as well. The doctor's response was always the same, "Here is a new prescription, you need to change your eating habits and lose weight." Okay, his diet wasn't perfect, but he really did watch his food choices. His jobs were physically demanding and we took walks, plenty of exercise there. All of these things on their own were bad, but no one saw the bigger picture. As time went by, the love of my life started changing in other ways as well.


He lost his job that he worked for over twenty-four years. He soon obtained another job and worked there fir three years and lost that one while we were on vacation. He became depressed and personality changed, becoming argumentative over things big and small. He developed purple stretch marks on his stomach (he looked like he was pregnant), a fatty area developed between his shoulder blades, his face got really round with a ruddy complexion. He developed headaches and backaches that would not go away. He was breaking ribs just by bending over his truck bed to get things out.


Our finances were getting really bad and we were losing our home. I worked two jobs and went to school but couldn't keep things together. I did not know what was going on with him. He didn't want to go back to work. I just felt he was being lazy and selfish. Neither one of us were prepared for the bigger picture.


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