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Patience and 'roids and PMS, oh my!



I've been coming off of Dexamethasone all week. It has not been fun at all. I now understand what lows truly feel like and if it happens post-op, I'm going for the hydro! I never threw up, but I came close. Lots of sleep helped, but when I woke up and did stuff, it came right back, so back to bed I went!


My menstrual cycles are always screwed up. The best they were was right after I had my son, now they're back to normal-weirdness. My cycle this month was 29 days. Last month it was 24, the month before it was 23. ODD. So now I'm PMSing on top of the low from Dex. Talk about irritable!


I am struggling to have patience with everyone in my life right now. With the people who want to help, with the people who can't seem to understand it's not a quick recovery, with the people who want to make my life better.


My dad announced he wants to buy us a house to move into. I had to explain to him that would be lovely, but I would either have to move in NOW with the essentials and do the rest in 9 months or so, or we'd have to wait until later. I understand the market is good and he's got his lender ready to go, but just be aware of the fact moving is stressful and I CAN'T be stressed out after surgery!!


So I'm feeling the home buying rush. I want it in town, I don't want to yank up my son out of his support system. Not when Mom's flying far away for brain surgery. I want something cozy, not too big to handle. He wants acres of fruit tress and chickens. I'm starting to smell the "It isn't gonna work" routine coming soon.


It sure would be nice to live in a place where I'm not stressing about the people beneath me blaring their music. I can't tell them to stop or face brutal retaliation, and I'm already feeling an AI episode coming on when I try and convince myself to call the cops to get them to be civil. But in AI your head pounds and your hurt all over and you feel icky -- Rap and Hip hop at 150 decibels, under your feet? Not good.


I wish I could live in a place I could let my son play. With 3 guys from Megan's Law in my apartment complex living here -- forget it. He doesn't own a bike because I don't want him snatched off it!


Oh I need to move, I just wish it wasn't all right now! I'm totally freaked out about this. I'm mostly packed and reayd to go now anyway, so let's please make it happen and just get it over with!


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