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Shocked and unprepared




Very new to being a "cushie". I went to the dr about 2 months ago to get on some anxiety medicane when he wanted to test my hormonal level. He asked me a series of questions like: Have you gained weight recently ( and I have gained 100 pounds in the past 2 yrs)..do your breast leak ( Im not pregnant and they leak BIG TIME). He tested my hormones and found out that my prolactin level was 90. They then called me and wanted to do an MRI ( EXPENSIVE EVEN WITH INSURANCE). A couple days later I was told I had a tumor on my pituitary gland the size of my pituitary gland. It was borderline micro/macro. I tried taking the medicanes to help shrink the prolactin level and the tumor but they both made me VERY sick so I couldnt do it. He then sent me to a neurosurgeon who then told me that after looking at my tumor and reading my reports, my tumor wasnt because of my prolactin level it was because I had cushings. He told me that I needed to removed like yesterday but he said that I would be out of work for about a month and let me tell you...with the way the economy is I cant do it. Luckliy in August I will be eligible for short term disability thru my work so THANK GOD!!! Very nervous/scared of the surgery though. I wasnt prepared at the dr with questions and still have many. He is scheduling me a dr's apt with a endocrinologist, neuro eye dr, and an ear nose and throat surgeon. Not sure what to expect??? Any advise???


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