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Buffalo Hump ... just a coincidence?



I clearly have a buffalo hump and have noticed it develop over the past few years. I just compiled a photograph collage of pics of me over the last few years, including one with my buffalo hump. I have a small pituitary tumor that was just confirmed via MRI that is secreting prolactin but my endo said that it should not cause me any symptoms and is not going to treat it. (I am getting a second opinion ... and another endo).


I have so many signs of Cushing's disease/syndrome, except that I do not have high blood pressure or high glucose levels. My ACTH level was checked and if anything, it was on the low side (it was done at noon and not the 8:00 protocol time). My cortisol levels have never been checked but they usually correleate with the ACTH levels, so that basically rules out Cushing's (unless there is a tumor on my adrendal glands which I doubt). I have horrible facial hair that is getting worse by the day. I went from a size 12 to an 18 in a year and a half without doing anything differently - fat gained ALL in my top stomach with legs and feet having virtually no fat whatsoever. I have a moon face, episodes of illness, random bursts of energy, extreme PMS - uncontrollable crying spells for no reason and have had a few rages of anger. I get irritated extremely easily and have internal tremors at times. I get shaky and nervous with the least amount of stress. Noise really bothers me, it startles me and makes me instantly very nervous (heart pounds faster). I have cognitive and memory issues, to the point where I can no longer adequately do my job (I'm an attorney). I quit my job last year (been there 13 years) because the symptoms got so bad and I could not longer function. Since then, I have been horribly sick (not just menopausal symptoms). I have joint pain in both feet and thumbs and it has spread to other parts of my body leaving me virtually unable to walk at times. Sometimes it feels like every bone/muscle in my body hurts. I try to exercise but it's painful and I injured myself (I have a gym in my basement and historically have always been somewhat active in the exercise department). My periods stopped completely. All of my symptoms blossomed at the same time, 10 months ago. I go through these episodes of illnesses that last 1-2 days with me feeling very "flu like" with headache, nausea, completely lethargic (can't get out of bed for a day or so). I then feel better (normal) again and sometimes have had a sudden burst of energy. I've been all over the place with symptoms this past year (I can't even keep up with them all!).


Everything came together and finally made sense of why I have been so deathly ill over this past year - especially when I learned about the buffalo hump because that is not just a figment of my imagination. I thought that this was the proof that I had Cushing's, especially since the only research I find indicates that a buffalo hump is a sign of Cushing's. I was actually happy that I found the cause and that there was a solution ... until I realized that nobody is listening to me.


My question is: wouldn't weight gain naturally give a woman a buffalo hump regardless of Cushing's? In other words, is my buffalo hump just a coincidence?


I know I am sick, but could it all just be pre-menopause (likely due to the tumor)? I am 39 and my symptoms went into full force when I was 38.


I didn't meant to ramble on here but I am so frustrated, sad and confused. Thanks.


UPDATE: I have been testing my blood pressure and glucose levels at home and I think I just caught the evidence for Cushing's - I woke up feeling shaky and ill again and my blood glucose and blood pressure were both elevated. I have an appointment with a new endo and hopefully I can get some real answers ... and a real solution!


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