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end of day 3 testing



I can't beleive I missed chat tonight.My roommate and I rode the METRO to Union Station, ate dinner and rode the METRO back. We felt like we excaped for a while. Today was a hard day, due mainly to the fact my veins keep collapsing. But in the afternoon the doc under the head doc, came by and said that Dr. S thinks I might possible have hyperaldosteronism. She said that the first tests for aldosterone were some what high and with my high BP and and the low postiasumm level all points to this. I really llike the doctor in charge and the one under him. She came and talked to me this afternoon and I was putting in front of her all the arguments the doctors in Atlanta gave me against low potissam and the high BP meaning anything and she gave back to me all the arguments that I've been giving the Atlanta Docs. I feel so much better, I went to the activity room to give a prayer of thanks and ended up crying my eyes out. I still have another week of testing. I'm beginning to miss my home and my cats.My son home made it through Dennis this time, but sitll is facing major repair from the storm Cindy. My sister is still going down hill. When I call her she doesn't recongize who she talking to, but the skin infection is clearing up. I pray that she goes peaceful. Well to bed and another day of fun and games tomorrow.


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