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cervical spine and cushing's



well I got results from my cat scan and shows severe/prominent bone spurring at the site of my fusion c5/6 and c6/7. As posted before my cushing's symptoms began right after my surgery.neurosurgeon said nothing he can do to help go see pain specialist. Well I was thinking that my symptoms all began with this surgery. and have declined in health ever since. I can barely turn my neck and arms and legs are very weak yet emg was normal. I wondered if my cushing's symptoms can be the result of the surgery and trauma. I just need some answers and my neuro did not help. I wanted second opion and yet the #2 neuro refused me due to being a friend of #1 neuro that is the one at mgh. Well I don't know what to do from here #3 neuro refused me not taking new patients. Well that was my last hope where do I go from here. Please help me.


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