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January 2011

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To all my Cushie sisters (and brothers!), "Peace Be With You", as we say in our church tradition. Whether you believe or not, there is a "Higher Power" who can support us when we are down. How many lonely nights before the internet, "social networks" and forum boards, did so many of us suffer alone? In agony and torment we cried out in the night (and day - beating fists on steering wheel), saying "Why ME, Lord, Why ME?" Still some inner strength kept us going, when all seemed lost to us. Some measure of reason kept telling us, this trouble was real, not imagined nor of our making. Keep the diaries, keep the labs, keep the records of abnormal events and symptoms, and those lovely before and after photos. There IS AN ANSWER. Whether it be Cushings OR something else, push on... the answer awaits. Here and now, there is a space (virtually) to share feelings, realities, and sometimes T. M. I. It should be a place to safely state what we all have felt one time or another, or NEED TO HEAR. If something hits "a little close to home", DON'T take it personally. Just step back for awhile, and come back with a clear head. Sometimes we get so immersed in all the emotions communicated, it can be a burden. Remember, there is also Good News to Share, in so many ways. When you are ready, come back to the fold, and be received.


We are burying a church member on Monday, new to us in the last year, but she had so much to offer and was getting involved in many areas. Yesterday, she was involved in a fatal accident that shut down a 4 lane road. She leaves behind 5 daughters, and grandchildren, and one granddaughter in particular she was bringing to church and recently was baptised. This child will be devastated by the loss of this loving grandmother. My point here is.... Cherish this life with it's frailties, it is the only one you have, cherish those around you, forgive them their apparent faults. Be at Peace with yourself.

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