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  1. OregonChick


    LOL .... the down arrow. Reminds me of those "baby" shirts. or "do my adrenals make me look fat?"
  2. Glad to see that you're doing all right, I was getting worried since you haven't responded to any of my messages. I got a referral to Dr. McCutcheon so I should be seeing him soon!

  3. OregonChick

    Occasional Newsletters are Returning

    I've been sidetracked with life and haven't checked my inbox for the newsletters lately. When I had less going on I always read them. What has been capturing my attention is the links you post on FB and the new search/wiki thing. Right now, the FB links seem to be easier b/c it's one thing at a time. It's cool to see (and benefit from!) all the different ways you provide support for Cushies.
  4. Hope your post op is going well!!!

  5. OregonChick

    Rules of the Road Update

    Thanks for the reminder. I read the TOS when I signed up but I forgot it exists. Kathryne, I have some "foot in mouth" moments too and its those crabby days that I have to stay off and not talk.
  6. one mistake. first paragraph. The tumor makes ACTH, adrenals make cortisol. Cortisol is probably lower lower-case too. "(a tumor on your pituitary gland causes your body to overproduce Cortisol ? which signals your adrenal glands to overproduce ACTH, putting your body in constant state of Fight-or-Flight) " I do want to release a story for me BUT I have yet to be diagnosed. Also, has anyone changed their name for the article?
  7. I really enjoyed talking to you today! Thank you for listening to my incessant babbling! LOL Hope to talk to you soon!

  8. OregonChick

    Reminder! Dr Friedman Tonight!

    Thank you for scheduling experts for the show! This was the easiest way to introduce Cushing's and Dr. F to my parents.
  9. OregonChick

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    I just thought of a potential guest; Dr. Casandra F. (therapist) who spoke at the Magic convention. I do not have my presentation papers with me that has her contact info. Maybe someone can chime in? She can hone her lecture to Cushing's issues. Cassandra F., Ph.D., LCPC, CADC Adolescent, Adult & Family Psychotherapy Certified Addictions Therapist Northbrook, Illinois
  10. Thanks for the advice. I've often thought many girls on the site should become endo's your headed that way..lol. I will take your advice and see about a 3t mri, even if I have to pay for it.

  11. OregonChick

    Reminder! Dr Friedman Tonight!

    Whats the opening song? I ended up bawling my eyes out before the interview started.
  12. OregonChick

    Questions for Dr Friedman

    What causes the tumor to grow? Why do the tumors thrive? Any studies done on interrupting the tumor growth? In the future, could a pituitary be grown in the lab and replaced? In the case of secondary hypothyroidism, why isn't TSH given to the patient? What is the diagnosis protocol for Cushing's in other countries? Are there new treatments or surgical procedures in other countries and do those treatments or procedures have better outcomes? Why do endocrinologists have conflicting information about how to diagnosis Cushing's? What environmental or biological factors influence Cushing's?