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      Boards Closing?   04/16/2018

      We've had some version of these boards for 18 years and there have always been other people posting than just me.   I am seriously considering taking them down if no one else is interested.   If you want to see these boards remain, please post something or send me a PM.   Thanks!  


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    Tips for living with Cushing's - before, during and after treatment. Please feel free to add your own tips here!

    Cushing’s disease may sometimes make you feel that your life is out of your control. But there are some general things you can do to help take back control.

    For specific tips such as Getting Medical Attention for an Adrenal Crisis or how to make an Emergency Kit, please see Helpful Hints

    Read more at http://www.cushings-info.com/index.php?title=Help_Yourself,_Part_1