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  1. I don't recall Dana Hill, but I did look her up on the Internet after I read your post. In February I posted about watching Medium (Monday night on NBC). I thought that Allison's middle child, Bridget (played by Maria Lark), showed prominent Cushing's symptoms that seemed to worsen as the season progressed. Several people here on the boards noticed it, too, and agreed with me. Some nights I could barely follow the story line I was so fixated on the child's chipmunk cheeks. I hope the program is in the fall lineup, as I am anxious to see if little Maria has improved--or not.
  2. I've just spent the last 45 minutes on the Internet searching..... It appears to me that we DO NOT have an ANNUAL Cushing's Awareness Day. I think the honor was for ONE DAY ONLY--April 8, 2006. Am I wrong about this?
  3. I missed those little flag symbols the last few weeks. Thanx, MaryO. We love you!
  4. After a broadcast about the shortage of flu vacine our local TV station offered this tip: If you can't get a flu shot, be sure to get a pneumonia shot. This way, if you do catch the flu, you won't get the complications! Pass this on.
  5. How about a symbol we can click on--just like we can choose a flag? (Example: like the little icons that appear on restroom doors).
  6. OKAY! I've been playing around all afternoon and I FINALLY got the little aol button up on my posts! You have to go into "My Controls" and edit something. I'm not sure what--because I've been editing and editing all day.
  7. Shauna, I DO have aol Instant Messenger. But I don't have a symbol. How did you get yours posted on the board?
  8. I just tried this. When I couldn't find anybody THERE to chat with I tried to come back HERE. Yikes, HERE was gone! Even worse, when I logged back on all the NEW POSTS were gone, too. I need more detailed instructions. I'm sorry I'm such a dodo. And while I'm asking questions, how do you get the little "aol" symbol under your name? On the control page I registered to receive emails, but I don't have a little symbol.
  9. I didn't have any trouble reading the names on the turquoise background, but I think they are just as readable on the silver. Whatever works best! I am still trying to figure out how to "FLOAT" from this board to the chatroom. How do you do that?
  10. Hi Mary, I think you discovered what I meant when I said the starting post is embedded down among the replys on some posts. I just logged back on and found another one, if you are still looking for examples: http://boards.cushings-interactive.com/inv...wtopic=8330&hl= I am in awe of this new board. It's really great!
  11. MaryO A minor glitch... (1) Duplicate posts in the Dr. F. category. (2) Not all posts are in chronological order. Sometimes the starting post is imbedded in among the replies.
  12. Ooooh, Mary! I LOVE this new board! I did have one minor mishap, so far. Somehow--after reading only ONE new post--I knocked myself off the board and lost ALL of my other NEW POSTS. I could use a "reset" button. Heehee
  13. I couldn't sign up fast enough!!! The telemarketers start calling around 9 a.m. and continue all day long. The ones who only want your answering machine are the worst--you get a dead line every time you answer, and their equipment just keeps redialing. ? ? Joy
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