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As of August/2005



My symptoms seem to be lessoning since my last post. :) I still get a bit of a wired feeling. I felt it the most when I was tired and we were driving back from Canada. I find that if I get tired I feel sick to my stomach, and basically just weak and no ambition to do anything.My right hand will still swell some, and my left foot, but not that much, maybe once or twice a week. I took grapefruit seed extract to see if I could combat the giardia, if I still have it even? I didn't go back for a follow up after taking the anti infectious drug. My stomach still gets sore and I take a no-name brand zantac (spelling).. Basically an acid reducer. I seems to help sometimes but not all the time. I should probably follow up on that since there was a "bullseye" target in my upper small bowel found on an CT scan in May 2003. I did do some xray (barium swallow) and everything looked clear so I dropped any further investigation.I still have to follow up on my cramps. I get menstral cramps even when I am not on my cycle. Still have to deal with my toe spurs but don't want to have another operation at this time, as well the nasopharynx thing and my sore shoulder.My neck always is sore, I don't know if that will ever go completely away. I haven't checked my weight since my last post but I think I have stopped loosing. I guess it is time to start working out again and I can do that!Until next time, bye for now,Canasa


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