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Back from our Vacation!



Got back from our vacation to Canada. We left this year on July 18th, My mother-in-law and I drove up and John flew up on Sat/23rd. Marlene and I picked him up at the Wpg Airport. We had a pretty good time. Our last couple years were not that good with me being sickly all the time. This year was a glimpse of better years there!I didn't get to spend time in town with family and friends. :) We stayed out at Joe's in a small community about 25 KM out of town so it was hard getting in when my truck was needed to haul the boat for fishing. I didn't want to make people come out and get me either. We are looking at possibly buying a small place closer to town or in town so that we can flop when we want and have ALL the company we desire without feeling like we are imposing. I sure hope that becomes a reality.We got back on Sunday Midnight, and John had to fly out 6 hours later Monday morning. He had to get up and 4 AM and giver to get out of here. I too was exhausted from the long drive and am not totally recovered yet. Haven't even taken the time to take in a swim. It is horribly hot here, gosh I didn't miss the 90's ... We spent many evenings in Canada in sweat shirts and under the covers at night with the windows open bringing in the fresh air.The blueberries didn't produce a good crop this year. There was speculation that the hail storm ealier in the summer had damaged them as well a frost could have taken them out too. We did manage to get about 3 ice cream pail fulls though. Fishing was GREAT. John took out Joe's boat and was able to navigate the lakes we fish by himself. I missed staying with my Sister. Right now, emotionally she doesn't seem to be able to handle company for long, I am not sure why, but I don't question it. The time we did spend together was good, I enjoyed it. She met a new man since her divorce from Joe. Don.. He seems like a really nice guy!Looking at going back in Oct or so to check out the realestate. The local Paper Mill shut down and there should be a few extra houses on the Market.Marlene is talking about coming down for a visit to get away for a bit. She is having a tough time since she hurt her back and is having a horrible battle with the insurance company. She basically needs a break and a get-away and some good company and fun! Tarina is still re-enlisting in the Airforce. It should happen sometime towards the end of this month. She is going to move home and wait out the time frame until boot camp. She is looking at going to Canada during her wait as well maybe heading out to see James in Calgary. Yes, James is still pounding away on the rigs in Calgary, catching up on some bills. He is looking at doing a different job out there, hopefully he will get it!Need to get busy staining the deck and getting caught up around here, got partially sorted mail on the table, and have a to-do list that is a killer!Well ta ta for now!Me..


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