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Feeling tired today



After working on our deck around the pool for the last couple weeks I am crashing today. I have had a couple crash days in the past, while working on this project. Today isn't as bad as last week.The heat is the killer when working out there. I had my niece and nephew over to help, and it was nice to have the company.I think I will sit back today, catch up on some reading on the boards here at cushing's help and play on the internet for a while. I may go back outside later tonight to start the preping for painting the deck.Our old deck is now attached to the new deck. We have a couple stair railings to build yet on the new part and on the old part I have to take down the old privacy boards yet, repair, and replace those that need replacing.Hopefully I will have it close to painting by this weekend. I have to go in for my heart catheter thing on Monday, June 20th, so I am sure I will either be having to take it easy after that if they place a stent in my heart, therefore I want to get as much as I can get done without pushing myself too much.John has been working out of town in Lexington all week, and while home on the weekends he has been killing himself in the heat and getting this deck built. He did most of the foundation and leveling, I have done alot of the flooring, and cosmetics. It is funny how all the Men have to give me tips on this while they see me out there working. I don't mind the tips, and some have come in quite useful. It has been a long time since I had a skill saw or miter saw in hand and it does feel great to be slowly getting back to normal. Sooo, for today, it is a veg out day. Laterz,Canasa


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